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Full Suite of Travel & Event Planning Services

Our commitment to facilitating your corporate journey to success is unwavering. With our tailored corporate travel solutions, we specialize in crafting experiences that are not only enriching but also purposeful. Whether you are planning team-building activities, family reunions, retreats, networking events, or investment and expansion trips to Ghana, our team of dedicated professionals is ready to assist you at every step of the way. Book your consultation today and set your mind at ease.

Current group bookings

Below you will find the link to your pre-organized group trip to Ghana. Simply find your groups logo and click "Login Here" All of the information you need will be available to you upon logging in. If you have any questions, email


Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management

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The Castanea Fellows

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Afrofest 2024

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Ready Made Cultural Immersions

Do you have a group to bring and need a ready made plan?  Check out som of our prepackage trips below. 


14 Day HBCU Cultural Exchange Experience. 

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10 Day Senior High School Cultural Exchange Experience 

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10 Day Health and Wellness Retreat

Have an Idea for a group trip to Ghana? Book a consultation with us.


Flight Booking

From travel document assistance to booking flights we have your group covered.


Ground Transportation

We provide safe, seamless and secure ground transportation with vehicles of all sizes to accommodate your group and experience preference

Modern Apartment Block


We personally vet all accommodations. Wether you want a campsite or an Oceanview we are your clear choice for peace of mind on where you will sleep.


Event Planning

Discover our seamless event planning.  Complementing our bespoke tour experiences, our event planning service ensures every detail of your corporate retreat, conference, or cultural exchange trip is flawlessly executed. 


With Pride of Ghana Travel and Tours, your journey to Ghana becomes effortless, enjoyable, and tailored to your unique requirements. Choose the package that fits your needs and let us take care of the rest!

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