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10-Day Health and Wellness-Focused Itinerary in Ghana for Wellness Professionals

Day 1: Arrival in Accra


- Arrive at Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana.

- Welcome to Ghana! Meet your tour guide and transfer to your accommodation.

- Orientation and introduction to the upcoming health and wellness journey.

- Welcome dinner featuring Ghanaian cuisine.


Day 2: Introduction to Ghana's Health and Wellness Culture


- Visit a local traditional healer and herbalist and learn about traditional healing practices.

- Explore the concept of holistic wellness in Ghana.

- Attend a traditional Ghanaian dance and drumming performance for relaxation and cultural immersion.


Day 3: Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat


- Head to a serene waterfall 

- Engage in yoga and meditation sessions led by local and international instructors.

- Explore nature and participate in mindfulness activities.


Day 4: Traditional Medicine and Herbal Healing


- Visit a traditional medicine center to learn about herbal remedies.

- Participate in herbal medicine workshops.

- Engage with traditional healers and practitioners.

Day 5: Nutrition and Healthy Eating


- Attend a local market tour for insights into Ghanaian ingredients and cuisine.

- Learn about traditional Ghanaian food preparation and its nutritional value.

- Participate in a cooking class focused on healthy Ghanaian dishes.

Day 6: Eco-Wellness and Sustainable Living


- Travel to an eco-wellness community that promotes sustainable living.

- Engage in discussions on sustainable practices, eco-friendly architecture, and renewable energy.

- Participate in eco-conscious permaculture.

Day 7: Holistic Health and Natural Therapies


- Visit a holistic wellness center and engage in therapies such as acupuncture, reflexology, and aromatherapy, colonic, and steams

- Participate in holistic health and natural therapy workshops.

- Experience a spa day focused on relaxation and rejuvenation.

Day 8: Community Health and Outreach


- Visit a local community and participate in a wellness and health outreach program.

- Provide health education, screenings, and wellness tips to community members.

- Engage with local health workers and volunteers.

Day 9: Cultural and Spiritual Wellness


- Explore historical sites, spend time in the atlantic ocean, and connect with nature.

- Visit a local temple or spiritual center for insights into Ghana's spiritual wellness practices.

- Engage in cultural performances and a naming ceremony..

Day 10: Final Reflection and Farewell


- Reflect on your health and wellness journey in Ghana.

- Final discussions and knowledge sharing with local professionals.

- Farewell ceremony and last-minute shopping for souvenirs and traditional crafts.

- Departure from Kotoka International Airport.


This health and wellness-focused itinerary offers wellness professionals an immersive experience in Ghana's holistic wellness practices, sustainable living, and traditional healing methods. By engaging with local experts and communities, you'll gain insights into diverse wellness approaches and contribute to cross-cultural health and wellness knowledge exchange. It's a journey of self-discovery, relaxation, and cultural enrichment.

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