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The Founders, Akanni and Isahq Addison, are a cross-cultural couple focused on Nation Building in Ghana. Akanni, a native of Cleveland Ohio, who first visited Ghana in 2018 met Isahq, an Accra native, and it was love at first sight. After spending our days getting to know each other and nights wondering if it was real, Isahq proposed on a starry night under a full moon at possibly the most romantic location in Ghana. Six months later we had a beautiful traditional wedding with a small group of family and friends in Ghana. Our desire to share the majesty of Ghana and our miraculous love story are what birthed Pride Of Ghana Travel and Tours LLC. Our Inaugural tour “Black Love Tour” featured a visit to 3 regions of Ghana, 35 guests from 4 continents and 2 beautiful resort weddings. Isahq is a tour industry veteran with 12 years experience touring Ghana and neighboring countries. His passions are Business Development and Bridge Building between Ghanaians and the Diaspora. Akanni is a customer relations and project management specialist with a background in Social Work and Community Organizing. Her passions are Community Development and  Repatriation Assistance. Our guests tour with us if they are looking for functional tours. Our tours create authentic interactions that are community based and goal focused.
We do  more than sightseeing excursions, we ensure that you will have hands-on experiences through informative workshops, and networking events.

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